By Geeta Chandra . 27 April 2021

Branch out with Waste Logics

Our initiative

Did you know a fifth of land used for farming in the UK may have to be transformed into woodland to help meet tough new climate change targets? Visit Sky News for more information . The British government has recently committed to reduce the UK’s net green gas emissions to zero by 2050. A big part of achieving this goal is to dramatically increase the number of trees planted right across the country.


Here at Waste Logics, we have decided to put into action an initiative to contribute positively to our environment. Our initiative will include planting a number of trees for every new client that signs up to Waste Logics.

At the point of signing up, we will let our clients know how many trees we are planting on their behalf and how much CO2 has been offset as a result. This will be completed via our excellent partner, MoreTrees, see more here:

Who are MoreTrees?

MoreTrees partners with regulated non-profit non-government organisations that work with local communities to restore healthy forests and reduce extreme poverty across the world,read more . MoreTrees hire employees to plant trees, giving them a consistent income to support the local economy.

From partnering with local and tribal communities to reforest one of the world’s top biodiversity conservation priorities in Madagascar, to working with the Kijabe Forest Trust to plant forests that channel water and home wildlife in Kenya, to helping local farmers plant trees that protect watersheds and improve food security and supply in Haiti - MoreTrees states, these are just some of the projects MoreTrees have been involved with.

Benefits to the environment

Each tree that is planted absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, whilst also overcoming the negative effects of deforestation on animal populations and the environment. Our initiative expresses to our current and new clients that we care enormously about the environment and how we can help to protect it.


With Climate change being our greatest threat, we noticed we could use this initiative to do something about it. Tree planting not only helps offset your emissions and releases oxygen, filters the air, filters rainfall, and increases atmospheric moisture, but it comes with a lot of other benefits too such as, providing farms with work to support the local economy, protecting animals from deforestation and increasing rainfall, purifying water and crop yield.

Spread the word and feel free to join in - 'Branch Out With Waste Logics'

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