By Geeta Chandra . 08 July 2021

Contactless Transfers: Environment Agency announces extension to consignment note concessions

The Environment Agency has declared that the Covid-19 concession for waste transfer and consignment notes which was due to expire on June 30th has now been extended until September 20th to allow social distancing measures to continue.

Under normal RPS regulations, paper waste transfer notes, consignment notes or a digital signature on a handset are required in order to hand waste over to, or receive waste from other parties.

The document ‘Guidance – social distancing when signing and handing over waste transfer and consignment notes in person: RPS C8’ stipulates that paper notes and handsets do not need to be handed over for signatures until the concession ends in September. This allows for continued social distancing and limited one-to-one contact, reducing the risk of spreading Covid-19 among workers.


There are a number of conditions which have to be met despite the concession and apply from waste producer to final waste holder, including:

  • Ensuring that the appropriate person completes the correct sections of the waste transfer or consignment note for each and every waste transfer. Signatures are not currently required, but the responsible person must provide their full name and business contact details, including a phone number and email or postal address.
  • When transferring or receiving waste, you do not currently need to hand over the waste transfer or consignment note but you must provide or gather all the information that is normally provided by the note. This must be done prior to the waste transfer or at the time of transfer, but not afterwards.
  • For each transfer, you must send or receive a copy of the completed (unsigned) consignment note within 10 days after the waste transfer has occurred.
  • You must maintain records of any waste transfers you make, or receive, during the Covid-19 RPS period. This includes all the information and data usually required by the waste transfer or consignment note.
In addition, you must keep records of:
  • waste transfer notes for a period of 2 years post transfer
  • consignment notes for period of 3 years post transfer

These records must be made available to the Environment Agency upon request.

  • You must still comply with all remaining requirements for the transfer and consignment of waste, including the duty of care around waste management.

  • Your waste management activities must not endanger the environment or human health and you must not:
    • cause a risk to water, air, soil, plants or animals
    • cause a nuisance through noise or odours
    • adversely affect the countryside or places of special interest

The official document is available at: EA RPS C8.

If you are still using paper notes, your team could be spending more time than you realise completing paperwork, despite the current rules exempting signatures. Going digital means that your paperwork is automated and stored immediately, ready for sharing with the appropriate parties.

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