By Geeta Chandra . 04 May 2021

The Essential Buyer's Guide to Waste Management Software

The right software can give your waste management business an edge over the competition  propelling you towards increased efficiency, better organisation, and overall success.

Smart Waste Management Software

Many companies have adopted innovative platforms that allow them to improve processes for their staff and provide better services to their customers. If you’re looking to implement new software in your waste management business, it’s critical to do some homework before purchasing.   

Below are 6 key drivers you should focus on when selecting your waste management software, alongside questions you can use to guide you towards the right software vendor. 


Does it make day-to-day tasks easier?

New software should have transformative outcomes for your business. Your main objective should be driving efficiency and streamlining everyday tasks. A good methodology for improving efficiency is to create a list of common scenarios/tasks in your business and ask prospective vendors to demonstrate how the software can simplify these tasks.

Can it streamline task management?

A smart system will allow you to navigate, set, and prioritise tasks for your team intuitively. Considering the availability of cloud-based software, you should look for solutions that allow you to manage activities in real-time and communicate tasks to your drivers from any location. For instance, can the software save you time and money by matching a driver in the right area with a skip that needs collecting? Your most common scenarios should be available on a screen within a couple of clicks. 

Is it easy to use?

Ask the vendor to show you how the software can help you accomplish your everyday tasks. If you can’t follow the screens yourself, be wary of claims that it is easy to use. 

Is it paperless?

A well-known benefit of implementing cloud-based software to manage your processes is that they become fully virtualised. Look for waste management software that offers features such as electronic signing and paperless processing via applications. Not only is this good for the environment, but all your documents can be held in one place and correlate smoothly across processes. 


Can it scale for your users or features?

Your business will be prone to fluctuation in users and requirements. Waste management software should cater to this, with simple and fast functionality for adding extra users of assets to your applications. 

Is it flexible subscription-based software?

With a perpetual licence, your business is subject to an expense model whereby the cost is written off over several years – confining you to using the version of the software you bought. This can be costly if you need to pay for upgrades, and your business will be limited by your budget and less responsive to shifts in your industry.

With subscription-based software, your business can add or remove licences as an operating expense model. This is great when you need the flexibility to scale up or down. Gartner predicts that by 2020, all new entrants to the software market and 80% of historical vendors will offer subscription-based business models. 

Keep in mind whether you experience periods of extra personnel need or have higher demand. Subscription software will also allow you to easily and economically adapt to changes. 

Value for Money 

Is it profitable?

Look at the key tasks your team will be doing each day to make sure they’re quick and easy to complete on screen. For all the scenarios where rapid information is required  like skips to move, or ways to improve bin lifts per mile  is this information retrievable within a couple of clicks? Remember, every moment of wasted time can impact your bottom line. 

Will there be additional costs?

When implementing new software, you need to be aware of potential extra costs. It could be expensive for your business if your software vendor charges you for additional users or features, especially if you’re anticipating scaling up or down. Additionally, will the software provider make the necessary changes to the software in order to comply with new regulations? Compliance can be a headache, so your vendor should roll out the necessary updates and maintain compliance free of charge. 

Reader tip: Check with your prospective vendor about compulsory upgrades. These can be costly, so ask how often upgrades are made and how long the existing version of the software you’re buying will be supported. 

Is it fast to deploy?

Ideally, you want to choose a solution that offers immediate deployment and setup. In the waste management industry, piling tasks and high service demands mean that your business doesn't have the luxury of weeks to plan, choose and implement a solution. 

Does the software integrate easily with other software and systems?

The last thing you want to tackle is the laborious task of re-keying data from your new solution into your accounts package. Look for waste management software that integrates seamlessly with your company's existing systems. Or, better yet, software that consolidates all your processes within one platform, so all your essential business operations are combined.  

What training is required?

Your new waste management software may well be used by everyone in your business, so it’s better if you choose a solution that won’t require extra finances for staff training and is quick to roll-out. Choose a platform that is user-friendly, clear, and simple to use. 


Is there monitoring visibility?

Your chosen waste management software solution should provide reporting and analytics to help you understand how your business is performing. Reports should be easy to run and provide you with a summary of the most valuable information, based on clean data. Look for software that allows you to drill into the detail when necessary, as this can be critical for making business decisions. 

Is it mobile?

For waste management facilitators, your software should be designed with mobility in mind. If you choose a cloud-based solution, everything can be hosted on a single, virtualised platform, meaning your drivers can always access your systems – on the move and from any device.


Can you get intelligent analytics?

It’s no secret that analytics deliver the most powerful insights into your business performance. Make sure you choose waste management software that translates your valuable business data into clear, visual information that you can use to optimise profitability and performance in your company. Ask your prospective vendor whether you can access analytics – so you can profile performance per day, per vehicle, or per job. Additionally, smart analytics allow you to visualise KPIs automatically, so you can worry less about deriving them yourself. 

Reader tip: Ask your prospective vendor to show you the functionality of their software’s daily, weekly, and monthly reporting.

Innovation and Service 

Is it up-to-date?

Your ideal management software vendor will be responsible for managing updates and software maintenance in order to keep things running smoothly. Choose a provider who prioritises the safety of your data and provides the ability to regularly back up mission-critical information. Your chosen vendor should be compliant with industry regulations, and proactive in maintaining their software to stay up-to-date with industry trends.

Can you find industry feedback?

A tell-tale sign of an efficient software solution is positive feedback from your industry peers. It may seem obvious, but ensure you review the testimonials for your prospective software provider. This can help you track the standards of your competitors and eliminate the costly exercise of choosing a poor software vendor. 

Reader tip: In all instances, speaking to the vendor’s existing clients and asking about their experiences with the software is recommended. 

Do they offer support?

If your provider charges for additional support or you find yourself needing to seek external IT support to maintain your chosen software, the costs can quickly rack up. Search for a vendor who offers generous support packages, ranging up to 24/7 periods if you require it. In the waste management industry, software issues can severely hinder your day-to-day operations, so it is imperative you place support availability at the heart of your search process. 

Smart waste management software can streamline your operations and drive efficiency within your business. Finding the right solution is key, so by asking your prospective vendor these questions – you can identify the pain-points you want to address with a waste management solution, and narrow down your prospective vendors. 

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