C. H. Middleton

Skip hire Waste Transfer Station

Doncaster, South Yorkshire

Favourite Feature

Why Waste Logics?
Intuitive front end, very little training required before most staff should be using the system.

During the height of the recession we decided to change software provider. We needed a cost effective solution that would carry our seriously afflicted business through, whilst having the capability to flex and expand as we rebuilt.

Having previously worked for a multinational IT firm who had a hand in developing SaaS technologies, I knew that C. H. Middleton Ltd. would eventually need to migrate to cloud computing. Therefore an added requirement was that our new software provider should confidently demonstrate their grasp of this emerging technology.

In my mind, the Waste Logics team are at the forefront of a giant leap in the abilities of waste management software. They have a head start in the industry and compared to other software companies, they continue to advance and improve the product way beyond expectation. Amongst other things, since using Waste Logics we have drastically reduced the time it takes to get waste data to our customers, and in turn reducing our administrative burden. The adaptability and capability is astounding; Waste Logics Cloud based software gives us a new advantage when it comes to tendering for new business vs our competitors’ offerings.